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Captain's Log

July 2011

Hornby RailMaster - Run your digital railway from your home PC

Hornby RailMaster - Bring your railway to life like never before

Hornby RailMaster - Bring your railway to life like never before

Hornby have released some very exciting new products for 2011 which will enable you to bring your digital model railway to life as never before.

With the new RailMaster system, you can control your entire digital railway, including locomotives, signals and points, from your home PC. It is easy to install and operate, and reduces the need for all those wires and switches. It works because, rather than varying the power supplied to the track, the track remains powered constantly and instructions are sent along it to be decoded by a chip within each locomotive or accessory.

In order to make the most of this digital technology, we’re also introducing several new locomotives that feature programmable digital sounds, such as the train’s whistle or coal being shovelled, to really bring your railway to life.

If you’re new to Hornby’s Digital Command Control (DCC) system, our starter pack, devised exclusively for us by Hornby, combines a comprehensive track layout, Elite digital controller, and RailMaster PC software, with a saving of more than £30. All you need now are the locomotives.

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