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Captain's Log

December 2012

Chris Talks Torches

Nauticalia MD Chris Murdoch looks at the new range of torches form American brand Coast.

Nauticalia MD Chris Murdoch looks at the new range of torches form American brand Coast.

“Like many people, I’ve relied upon my trusty old Maglite for ages. I can’t remember when I bought it, but back then its anodised aluminium construction was ‘state of the art’, and has been pretty much the benchmark for quality, brightness, and durability for around 20 years.

“LED technology has been evolving quickly over the past couple of years, and we’ve been selling some amazingly-powerful LED torches that can outperform car headlamps, reaching out to almost half a mile. They’re expensive though, upwards of £200, and we’ve tended to refer to them as ‘professional’ – suited to users that demand maximum brightness and flawless engineering no matter what the cost.

“Recently however, we’ve been talking to ‘Coast’ – an American brand specialising in LED torches and multi-tools – about how the ‘trickle-down effect’ of new technology is enabling them to pack advanced features, incredible brightness, and superior battery life into remarkably affordable products – starting from only £10.95. Now, something as bright as my old 3xD cell Maglite measures just a couple of inches, because the LEDs can run for hours on just one or two AA batteries. And it’s a much crisper, cleaner, white light – much clearer than the yellow-ish beam of old. And as for build quality, that ‘bombproof’ anodised aluminium body has now become standard-issue.

“Even Coast’s top-of-the-range model is only about £85. Like my old torch, it also takes 3xD batteries. But this one packs a 615-lumen beam over nearly 300m and, on those 3 batteries, it will do so for more than 15 hours.

“I’ve been staggered at just how outdated my trusty old Maglite has become. It’s difficult to explain the difference in just words and pictures but, if you haven’t upgraded yet, try one of these Coast torches and I’m certain you’ll be impressed.”

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