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Captain's Log

March 2013

Help Preserve Mary Rose

Stunning New Mary Rose Museum opens this year

Stunning New Mary Rose Museum opens this year

Firstly a big “Thank You” to all our customers. Over the last few years you have generously helped to raise over £90,000 for nautical charities including the RNLI, HMS Victory, Sailors’ Society, Dunkirk Little Ships, and many more. Every penny you donate is passed on.

Our charity partner for this year looks forward to a very exciting 2013 - after four years of construction the new, state of the art, Mary Rose Museum will open this year inside Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The new museum will allow, for the first time, the majority of the 19,000 artefacts brought up from the seabed to be displayed alongside the remains of the ship. The work to preserve her is far from finished however. Now begins the final phase of drying the timbers so she can be fully revealed to the public instead of being seen through glass. This will take a further four years and requires constant funding. Mary Rose, and 1000s of artefacts inside her, was recovered from the seabed off Portsmouth in 1982 after sinking in 1545. She offers a unique insight into life in Tudor times. For more information please visit

We have worked with our friends at the Mary Rose Trust on a number of projects over the years and hope that you will be able to help us support the ongoing preservation of one of our national treasures, perhaps by including a donation with your order, or purchasing one of our Mary Rose commemoratives (see right).

UPDATE 8 OCTOBER 2013: The Mary Rose Museum at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard will welcome its 250,000th visitor on Tuesday 8th October, just 18 weeks since the doors first opened on 31st May 2013.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard has hosted over 410,000 national and international guests finding themselves drawn to find out more about our rich naval heritage on offer – discovering more about HMS Victory, The National Museum of the Royal Navy, Action Stations, HMS Warrior 1860 and of course the newest (and oldest) addition to the family - The Mary Rose.

This fantastic news comes just three days before we commemorate the 31st anniversary of the raising of the Mary Rose on 11th October. In 1982 over 600 volunteer divers and many more volunteers on shore helped with the work as the ship was excavated, recorded, and decks, cabins, and bulkheads were surveyed and brought to the surface timber by timber.

Chief Executive of The Mary Rose Trust, Rear Admiral John Lippiett said, “To achieve our 250,000th visitor in such a short time far exceeds all our expectations! We are thrilled both with the record numbers and with the overwhelming response, which reflects the excitement that the new exhibition is generating. Not only have we welcomed visitors from our immediate area and across the UK, but also a considerable number from right across the world.


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