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Captain's Log

July 2015

Know Your Pusser's

Know Your Pusser’s

Know Your Pusser’s

Pusser’s Royal Navy Rum – Steeped in Naval History
For more than three centuries, the daily ration of Pusser’s Rum brought cheer to British sailors the world over. The daily ration was controlled by the purser (or pusser, hence the name), and only ceased in 1970 when the Navy decided alcohol should be made available on a normal social basis. Pusser’s is a blend of aged pot-still Caribbean rums, with a unique and exceptionally smooth, rich flavour, and is the only rum blended in exact accordance with the Admiralty specification.

Pusser’s Rum is one of most popular brands we sell at Nauticalia, and our collection for 2015 has undergone a few changes, so here’s a quick guide to the multi-award-winning range to help you choose.

New Label – Same Classic Royal Navy Rum
The most important change for 2015 is that if you have previously bought Pusser’s Blue Label Rum, you will find that it now comes re-named as ‘Gunpowder Proof’- the strength required so that, if spilt on gunpowder, the powder will still ignite – and it has a black label. The contents are exactly the same 54.5% abv that you know and love.
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New Lighter Pusser’s Rum
For a lighter option, Pusser’s newest rum offers the same blend and rich, full-bodied flavour at a lower strength, initially specified to allow distribution on naval bases where 40% abv is the maximum allowed. It comes with a dark blue label. If you have bought the previous ‘Blue Label’ Pusser’s from us in the past, this is not the same – you will need the black-labelled ‘Gunpowder Proof’ above.
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The ‘Single Malt of Rums’
Like all Pusser's, it is distilled in the original Admiralty wooden pot stills - a process that is not very efficient by modern standards, but also one that imparts a unique authenticity and taste. There is nobody else today who makes rum, or indeed any other spirit, by this method. And this limited production version is further matured in oak barrels for 15 years, for an even smoother and more mellow taste: it is equivalent to the finest Cognac or Brandy in every way. The alcohol content, at 40%abv, is lower than standard Pusser's but be warned it is very, very drinkable...
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The classic Pusser’s flavour has been emboldened with notes of ginger and island spices cinnamon and nutmeg, creating a complex but very smooth tipple with a warm lingering finish - the perfect winter warmer! 35%ABV.
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Pusser’s Ship’s Decanter
This earthenware decanter has an extra wide-base (as used aboard ship to reduce the risk of spillage), and is handcast and decorated, and protected with a deep, lustrous glaze to last for generations. Contains one litre, 42% abv.
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