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Captain's Log

June 2015

Why you can trust Nauticalia reviews

We display all feedback received - good or bad

We display all feedback received - good or bad

There has been a lot in the media recently about online reviews, in particular companies paying for, or falsifying, positive reviews. At Nauticalia, we have appointed an independent company – Feefo – to solicit customer feedback about our products and service, and this means that you can trust what is said.

Feefo only collect reviews from verified customers, and only in respect of the particular products they bought. The only way anyone can leave a review is by buying that product. It’s an automated process in which they e-mail customers a few weeks after the goods have been delivered, and collate the responses on their website

Our website displays all the feedback we receive in respect of a particular product – good or bad. We don’t get to choose what is displayed, although we can respond (publicly) to individual comments.

We have always welcomed customer feedback as it helps improve our products and service, and Feefo help us do that in a public and transparent way which enables us to respond quickly to any issues that arise. We are proud of our 96% service rating and have been awarded ‘Gold Trusted Merchant’ status two years in a row.

Please help us, by replying to Feefo’s follow up e-mail when you buy a product from us.

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