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Captain's Log - Archive

In this archive you'll find all the stories and articles featured in past editions of our of online magazine. We hope you enjoy discovering about the history and background of our range of nautical gifts and gadgets.

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May 2016
The Golden Age of Steam

Golden Age of Steam
Days of Steam, Speed & Style How many little boys want to be engine drivers? Nowadays the chances are about as many as dream of being plumbers, accountants or.... View full article

April 2016
The Nauticalia Raft Race

The 2016 Nauticalia Raft Race - Call for Entries
This year we celebrate the 30th annual Nauticalia Raft Race, on the Thames at Shepperton. It is on Saturday 11 June & is, we believe, one of the largest in the country featuring some 30 entries.... View full article

March 2016
Nauticalia Ferry Continues 500 Year-old Service

Nauticalia Ferry Continues 500 Year-old Service
The Nauticalia Ferry continues a service that has operated from Shepperton for around 500 years, & enables people walking or cycling the Thames Path to continue their journey past Shepperton Lock.... View full article

The Narrow Boat Trust

The Narrow Boat Trust
Over the last few years, Nauticalia customers have raised almost £100,000 to support maritime charities such as the RNLI, Dunkirk Little Ships, the Sailors’ Society, &.... View full article

February 2016
Arthur Ransome - alias Agent S76

Arthur Ransome - Swallows & Amazon
At the age of forty-five, Arthur Ransome re-invented himself. And it's the later Ransome that most of us know - the jolly, keep-a-straight-bat avuncular figure who spun ripping yarns that.... View full article

December 2015
Time Gentlemen Please

'The seven forty-three fast train to Victoria is running approximately seven minutes late...' The would-be passengers waiting on platform four took the announcement & the delay in their stride..... View full article

November 2015
Turned Out Nice Again!

Weather Forecasting
"I get all the news I need from the weather report," sang Paul Simon in his 1970s hit The Only Livin' Boy in New York. And although the song celebrated a care-free attitude,.... View full article

'I'll follow the sun'

Does the Alderney Crystal hold the secret of Viking navigation? Norse legends about a crystal with mystical powers. It sounds like a New Age fantasy, but.... View full article

October 2015
Telescopes - From Spyglasses to Space Exploration

'The camera cannot lie...' Whoever coined that expression knew precious little about photography - or human nature. Because 'trick' photography has been around as long as tricky photographers..... View full article

Appeal of Bells

Appeal of Bells
Police cars, ambulances & fire engines all used to have them. Ships still do - at least those in service with the Royal Navy. We're talking about bells - their close association with the sea &.... View full article

Showing 1 to 10 of 66 articles.

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