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Captain's Log

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Welcome to the Nauticalia Captain's Log, our online magazine where we feature
interesting nautical-themed articles, and explore the historical background
of our product range.

A Brief History of St Katharine Docks

Visitors to our store in St Katharine Docks, a peaceful yacht haven close to the City of London, may not realise that they are at a location steeped in maritime history. Records show a....

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A Brief History of St Katharine Docks

Join Nauticalia in celebrating our 10th anniversary at Liverpool's Albert Dock

Join us in celebrating our 10th anniversary in Liverpool

If you live in or around Liverpool, or plan to visit in early November, be sure to visit our store in the City’s historic Albert Dock. This year marks 10 years since our store opened, on 5....

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“What's your position?”

An introduction to the origins and use of the Sextant

An introduction to the sextant 'Does anyone have the faintest idea where we are?' not a question you want to hear from the skipper, helmsman or navigator when you're out of sight of land.....

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Naval Origins of Our Nautical Clothing

Naval Origins of Our Nautical Clothing

'Ready for inspection' Try to imagine. You pull alongside a British man 'o war. She's sleek, formidably efficient, a specialised fighting machine. But the crew are all dressed as harlequins,....

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