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94406 Spitfire DVD/Book Set, £12.99

It’s been over seventy years since the last Spitfire was built, yet R.J. Mitchell’s magnificent aircraft remains the most recognisable and iconic of fighters.

But what was it like to fly? Strap yourself in and watch this DVD for a pilot’s perspective, as aerobatic ace Tony Bianchi puts a Mark 1A through its paces. And when your hands have stopped shaking, discover the story behind the legend in the Little Book of the Spitfire.

Built in greater numbers than any other aircraft of the time, the Supermarine Spitfire saw action in every major operational theatre of World War II. But its special place in the nation’s affections is due to one epic struggle - the Battle of Britain. "Angels ten...bandits at twelve o'clock..."

DVD running time 55 minutes.

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