• They Come Unseen - The Ultimate Naval Strategy Board Game
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They Come Unseen - The Ultimate Naval Strategy Board Game


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93367 They Come Unseen Game, £39.99

The Cold War has entered a new and especially dangerous phase. Across a divided Europe, the land forces of NATO and the Soviet Union have reached a stalemate. Which switches the focus to the oceans and the two opposing navies. Devised by a retired Royal Navy Officer and submarine commander, this asymmetrical war game pits the NATO submarines against the Russian’s surface fleet.

Played on two boards - one for action on the surface, the other for operations beneath the waves - this is a game of bluff and double bluff, strategy, tactic and deception.

Complex and involving, the game comes with a host of components including control panels, NATO subs, Soviet destroyers, sonar search pieces, mines, mortar bombs, rule book, History & Strategy Guide and much more.

For 2-5 players, ages 12+.

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