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  • The Snow Leopard Waterproof, Insulated Winter Boot
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The Snow Leopard Insulated Winter Boot


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The designer of these boots has made considerable efforts to keep your feet really warm in the winter - they have a triple layer, removable (in case you get it wet) insulated liner, with one of the layers being made from genuine ThinsulateTM thermal fabric. The foot shell is made from a heavy duty waterproof rubber, connected to a coated-nylon leg shaft with strong hook and loop adjustment straps. The sole also has a very good moulded grip, to help keep you on your feet.

They’re toasty warm, and very comfortable – you can happily wear these all day. Excellent value for boots of this quality.

Sorry no half sizes except 5½ and 10½.

Note: whilst the rubber foot shell is 100% waterproof, they are not suitable for submerging in water above where the two elements are joined (if you want waterproofness all the way to the top, we recommend our waterproof leather boots). However, in snow they are superb.

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Normal high standard let down when returning item forgot to send out replacement left on shelf

Thank you for your feedback regarding your exchanged order. The larger size hat was out of stock at the time of exchange which delayed our dispatch on the replacement. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Ellie - Mailorder Manager

Unfortunately, the picture of the boots did not match up with the actual boots and I couldn't even get them over my insteps. It looked like they were open down the front in the picture, but they weren't. If I had released this I wouldn't have ordered them as I know I have difficult feet to buy fo...

Thank you for your feedback. These boots have been extremely popular with our customers and I am sorry that you were not happy with them. There is definitely no opening down the front of the boots and I am sorry if that is not clear. I can see that you have been refunded.

Suzanne - mail ord...

This item is excellent quality and well worth the price. The claims made in the listing were justified and I feel it will give many years' service.

Thank you for your excellent feedback on our service and products. We are delighted to hear that you are satisfied with your purchases from us.

Ellie - Mailorder Manager



I just loved your shop when it was in Canterbury. I went down just prior to Christmas to buy some items and.........................You'd vanished? I ordered online and was very happy at your prompt service. regards, rev Tony Budell

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