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91462 Copper Pot Still, £395.00

It would easily warrant a place in your home as a fascinating ornament, but, even better, this beautiful miniature copper still is actually functional*. It is of the same type that has been used for centuries to distil essences and spirits, with delightfully simple and effective operation: all you need to add is meths for the burner and something to distil (as an example, a double distillation process is used to convert wine into brandy).

The distillate is condensed through a coiled tube, cooled in a water bath, and it takes about an hour to process one full pot.

Made in Italy, almost entirely from copper, with a polished wood base measuring 19x8½”. Height is 19½".

*We must point out that whilst it is perfectly legal to buy and own a still in the UK, an Excise licence is necessary to allow distillation of alcohol!



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