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Celestron Bird Watching Starter Kit


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94489 Bird Watching Kit, £49.99

Can’t tell an osprey from an ostrich? Never mind. Equipped with this starter kit you’ll soon be ‘twitching’ with the best of them.

First of all, there’s a pair of Celestron UpClose 7x35 binoculars. A combination of high-performance optics, 7x magnification and robust build-quality makes these an ideal choice for absolute beginners and more experienced bird watchers alike.

Okay, so having trained your binoculars on a new feathered friend, the question arises: what is it? With the Philips Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe you’ll wonder no longer. In its superbly illustrated pages you’ll find masses of fascinating information ranging from families of birds, identification pointers, English and scientific names as well as habitat - to size, plumage, flight patterns and behaviour, songs and calls.

In the meantime, was that a greater crested whatsit or a lesser speckled thingy...?

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