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5196 Commodore (Quartz), £299.00

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Destined to grace the finest locations: from the main bulkhead of a J-Class yacht, to the mahogany-panelled walls of a retired Admiral’s study. Our Commodore Quartz clock is specially made for us by a world-renowned instrument maker, located in the Black Forest region of Germany.

We chose it for its high degree of “vertical integration” (they make the majority of components themselves) and watchmaker-like precision quality control. The care with which the individual stages of work are performed – cutting, drilling, polishing, and assembly – really can be seen and felt in the finished product.

The instrument's clear glass face and white dial with black markings are the opposite of “fussy”, and offer exemplary clarity even in poor light.

It has a lacquered brass case with robust hinges and screw closures, designed to last a lifetime. Our Commodore Quartz clock has the facility to chime the “Ship's Bells” watch pattern developed over centuries and favoured to this day by almost all navy and merchant navy officers worldwide. Many captains still prefer their yacht’s chronometer to be powered by springs, cogs and gears – they feel it has more presence, a soul even.

Whilst it looks all-but identical to the Commodore mechanical version, this has a high-precision battery-powered quartz movement, which (romanticism aside) doesn’t need winding up. Uses one AA battery.

Dimensions: dial 4”, case diameter 5½”, depth 3”.

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