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Adie Barometer - Elegantly Simple Weather Forecasting – For 195 Years


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94342 Adie Barometer, £99.99

In 1818 Alexander Adie patented his Sympiesometer. Although the name was a bit of a tongue twister, the instrument was so simple to operate and so accurate that it quickly became popular. Indeed it was used by Sir James Clark Ross on his Antarctic expeditions.

Referred to nowadays as a Tendency Barometer, it consists of two glass tubes filled with liquids: blue for temperature and red for air pressure, plus a tendency scale. Comparing the levels of the liquids and then setting the pointer on the tendency scale (which converts pressure readings in hPa to millibars) enables you to make accurate local weather forecasts.

And if you're in a hurry, general weather trends can be seen at a glance. For example, if the levels of the two fluids are equal, the conditions are changeable. Red below the blue? That means high pressure and good weather. Low pressure and ensuing bad weather is indicated by the level of the red fluid being above the blue.

Mounted in a handsome wooden frame, our Tendency Barometer is suitable for free standing or wall hanging display.

Height 18", width 6".

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Thermometer should have read 70F and only registered 58F

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Great Product. Works very well!

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