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4692 Ship's Cat - Simon, £14.99

Able Seaman Simon, mascot of HMS Amethyst.

Wounded in the 1949 Yangtse Incident, he won an animal bravery medal for his effort cheering up the injured seamen in the sick bay.


See the history of our Ship's Cat Able Seaman Simon, which appears on the underside of our model. (Opens in a new window).
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Simon and Freddy are both loved by 600 students who constantly fight over them, many of our children do not have pets and will sit in my library reading and patting the cats - many of the teachers have done topics on them and keep them in their classrooms for days (I have to plead to get them back)...


Fast service, immediate response, have recommended you to pet shops in Melbourne and Sydney.


I bought this for a friend as I have one and she liked it. She loves Simon and fools visitors into thinking he is a real cat. I've fooled a few people myself as he is so lifelike.


good customer interaction with assistance on shipping costs


This is my second Simon! Brought one for my daughter some years ago and brought this one for friends with a yacht. Simon is delightful and the story about him just wonderful. I will keep an eye on your website as you have such totally different things that we just don't see in Australia. Many thank...

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