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Hyperscope - See the World in a New Perspective


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93647 Hyperscope, £24.99

The Hyperscope is like nothing you've ever seen (or seen through) before. Using mirrors, it effectively increases the distance between your eyes to create a heightened stereoscopic, exaggerated 3-D view.

Three dimensional space appears larger and you can appreciate it at a much greater distance. For instance, normal vision registers 3-D depth up to about 100m. Through the Hyperscope this is increased to 375m.

In addition, complex three dimensional structures are perceived as being much clearer and simpler to understand.

Easily self-assembled in a few minutes, the Hyperscope measures 12x5x3”.

Great fun, try it yourself for a wide-eyed and wonderful new view of the world.

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Very strange effect - I wear specs which do inhibit the use of the scope but I think it will great fun for my grandsons who have 20/20 vision!

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Very good for learning good quality kit.

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Not really of much use

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kit was Ok and was easily made up but wearing glasses effected the ability to use the hyperscope. It did nit work as advertised. Some [eolpe can use it ok ut notas successfully as hoped.

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