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94134 Spotting Scope, £399.00

The Yukon 100X is a revolutionary new spotting scope with unique optical characteristics - it has two "channels" sharing the same eyepiece: one of 6-25 times magnification with a 25mm object lens and the other with 25-100 times magnification through a massive 100mm object lens. This gives it a much greater range of power than anything possible using only one lens (the distortion would be too great), whilst keeping the instrument relatively lightweight and portable. The alternative of carrying two different scopes raises the difficulty of "re-finding" at high power the object you saw at low power and wanted to see in more detail (even if it has not flown away or sailed off by then!). The angled, rotating eyepiece allows use when you are unable to align your viewing position with the scope, such as when lying in a prone position. Barrel length 17", weight 3-lb.

Also available is our heavy duty tripod (see below ref:94135) - for best performance you need a good tripod - we only offer it without in case you already have one. Tripod is suitable for use with other high power optical instruments.

See the Yukon Spotting Scope Instruction Manual for further information.

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