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Tek Sing Treasure - Chrysanthemum Dish, 6" Diameter


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93179 Chrysanthemum Dish, £125.00

***Only 12 Remaining***

The Tek Sing (True Star) set sail from China, bound for Java, in 1822. She was heavily laden with Chinese porcelain, 1,600 passengers (mostly living outside on deck) and 200 crew. After 24 days she struck a reef, and quickly sank, taking more lives than even the Titanic disaster 90 years later. In 1999, salvage diver Captain Mike Hatcher found the wreck and recovered her porcelain cargo - the largest ever discovery of its kind, and in remarkably good condition.

Bowls and dishes predominated, mostly in the blue-and-white patterns that graced the tables of 19th century Europe and have gained in popularity ever since. We have acquired a limited stock of this fine porcelain, which has lain on the seabed for nearly 200 years. It has an amazing history and, for antiques of this nature, is very affordable.

Each item comes with a certificate and an individually numbered auction house ticket, confirming its source - from the cargo of the Tek Sing.

CONDITION: The Tek Sing cargo is unusually well-preserved considering it has been underwater for nearly 200 years. It was also thoroughly and professionally cleaned when back on the surface. Many pieces still have slight marks where crustaceans or weed had been growing. If anything this adds to the appeal of this ancient treasure, but we feel that we must warn you of it.
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