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Limited Edition of 'On Track for Ninety Years' by David Bell


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93652 'On Track' Print, £225.00

***Limited Edition of 100***

Sixty, seventy, eighty years ago little boys wanted to be engine drivers... This superb painting by David Bell shows you why.

Huge, fast, immensely powerful, handsomely proportioned, locomotives from the A1 and re-engineered A3 class represented a major leap forward in steam engineering. They were the brainchild of Britain's greatest locomotive designer, Sir Nigel Gresley (1876-1941).

This gathering shows the most famous of Gresley's converted A1s in their rebuilt A3 configuration. From left to right there's the original Great Northern (still as an A1), flanked by Papyrus, with the world’s most famous engine the Flying Scotsman in the centre. The fourth is Diamond Jubilee (note the double chimney) with the Galtee More - complete with German-style smoke deflectors - on the far right.

Precisely detailed, David Bell's signed and numbered Limited Edition print captures the excitement, atmosphere, muscle and might of five iconic locomotives.

Truly a fitting tribute to the golden age of steam.

Frame measures 29x21”.

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