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The Weather Always Looks Beautiful with our Innovacelli Barometer


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90781 Innovacelli Barometer, £499.00

For more than 400 years the mercury ‘stick barometer’ was the most accurate way to measure air pressure and indicate changes in the weather – whether you were a ship’s captain or a laboratory scientist. But 21st century legislation banning the use of mercury (which is highly toxic) necessitated the invention of an alternative, and this exciting new, mercury-free instrument is the result of extensive laboratory research and development.

At 25” tall, it is actually regarded as compact – able to clearly display pressure on a smaller scale thanks to the clever use of four sensitive vacuum cells – and incorporates a thermometer and hygrometer to create a comprehensive weather instrument.

Despite these features and precision, what really sells this instrument is the beautiful glass and chrome design – somewhere between science and modern art – it’s simply stunning and will instantly become a focal point of your home or office.

Measures barometric pressure in hPa and inches.

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