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Cobblestones - The Cleaner, Greener, Better Fuel for Your Cobb

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'Cobblestones' are specially shaped to fill the fuel compartment of your Cobb barbecues (see below), and formulated to burn hotter and longer than charcoal of the same size/weight.

They are environment-friendly too, being made from coconut shells.

Each stone burns for up to 2hrs (smoke-free after the first three minutes), with very little residue. They are individually plastic-wrapped, so won't absorb moisture if you keep them in a soggy locker and nor will they turn everything black!

~ Quick fire-up with the Cobblestone

~ Built in firelighter

~ Made from coconut husk
One Cobblestone gives up to 2 hours cooking
   time if used in the Cobb

~ Burns hotter and longer than conventional
   wood charcoal

~ After 4-5 minutes of ignition product is
   smoke free and ready to cook

GREAT OFFER! SAVE £2! - Buy two packs (12 stones) for £19.98 (ref:99186).

GREAT OFFER! SAVE £5! - Buy four packs (24 stones) for £38.96 (ref:99126)

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92% of customers liked this product ( 61 reviews)
Posted Rating Comment Company comment

Product was what we wanted and had difficulty finding.

Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. We are very happy to hear that the service you received from us at Nauticalia was efficient and good and that you managed to source the Cobb Cobblestones from us. We look forward to any future orders you may have with us.

Mail Order Advisor

Do the job well

Many thanks for your lovely comments. It is good to hear the Cobb Cobbleston's did the job they were made to do. We hope you will shop with Nauticalia again soon.

Mail Order Advisor

We have used these before but not bought from yourselves, these are much more difficult to light. We have assumed that it is the way that they have been stored and must be damp but once they light they are as good as ever.

No Comment


They work well

Service rating :Thank you for your comments. We are sorry to hear that you received the incorrect item for the Cobb Barbecue, if this happens again in the future do not hesitate to contact us. We will ensure that with future purchases of the Frying Pan or Wok there is no confusion. We look forward to your next order with Nauticalia.

Fallon, Mail Order Advisor

Unfortunately all 6 cobblestones were broken in half, we purchased them specifically to take to Italy on holiday and when packing them into the cobb, noticed that all were broken.

Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear that the Cobb Cobblestone wasn't delivered to you in the best quality, as try to ensure that our products are safely wrapped and transported. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused and we look forward to any future orders you may have with Nauticalia.

Fallon, Mail Order Advisor
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