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Naval Cannon c. 1800 - Even as an Ornament it Commands Respect


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4818 Naval Cannon, £39.99

“The French man o' war had given us a pasting. But now we were paying her back with interest. Prime, load, ram-down, fire - round shot at her waterline, grape across the decks, chain tearing her canvass to shreds. Then we heard the cheering and through the smoke saw the white flag replacing the tricolour. Extra grog rations tonight, lads. And French brandy as well...”

Likely to bring out the Walter Mitty in all of us, this splendid little cannon - the barrel turned from a single ingot of brass - is a reminder of when the Royal Navy ruled the waves.

Mounted on a simple wooden gun carriage it’s a desk accessory for the executive who brooks no dissent!

Size 5”.

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