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4563 Quarter-size Vernier Sextant, £95.00

Full-size vernier sextants were, in skilled hands, instruments of great accuracy, practicality and beauty - a joy to own and use, but also essential to the safety of the ship. Our replica is dedicated to Royal Navy Captain John Campbell, who developed the instrument in 1757. Crucially his invention appeared at about the same time as the first accurate, portable chronometers - and the combination of the two transformed navigation from guesswork to science, saving countless lives at sea. This importance gave rise to the air of mystique which surrounds the instrument and its use, even in today's age of electronic wizardry.

This quarter-size version is an irresistible "must-have" for the desks of instrument collectors and nautical enthusiasts. Sextant measures 4x4.5", box 5" square.

For our full size sextant, please see ref 4562 below.
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the hinge for one of the sunfilter broke.. i can mend it... but its unfortunate

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