• Battle of Trafalgar Chess Pieces
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The Battle of Trafalgar Chess Pieces & Board

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At around fifteen minutes to noon on October 21, 1805, a signal was sent to the British fleet ‘England expects that every man will do his duty’. This was followed, almost immediately by the simple order ‘Close Action’. The battle that ensued changed the course of history, yet by 5.30pm it was all over.

Napoleon’s hopes of invading Britain were scuppered. The greatest naval commander of his, or any other, time was dead and Trafalgar was on its way to becoming a byword for dash, daring, courage and brilliantly original tactics.

But then tactics and strategy have always been crucial in warfare - and chess. Which is why this superb Trafalgar Chess Set just had to happen!

Moulded from original sculptured figurines, the Kings are played by Nelson and Vice Admiral Villeneuve, with Lady Hamilton and Madame Villeneuve as the Queens. Vice Admiral Collingwood acts as bishop as does Lt. General Gravina (the Spanish commander).

Other pieces are played by opposing captains, their flagships and gunners. Nelson’s final words to Hardy were either ‘Kiss me’ or ‘Kismet’- the argument continues. What’s not in doubt is that for enthusiasts of chess and naval history, this hand-painted set is definitely the last word. Handsomely boxed.

Box size 10x8”, tallest pieces 5” high.

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